Witness the Fitness

The upside (and often downside) to the jobless lifestyle is the influx of free time that fills your schedule. No longer am I spending eight plus hours in an office. My day is mine, and I can do with it what I choose. Any sort of order and obligation I once had is now gone from my life. My once structured days have been shattered into a basin of free time. Time I can fill with reading, or writing, or drinking, or watching, or sitting, or chores, or trips, I am in a paralysis of options.

I have made the somewhat responsible decision to use a large chunk of that time for health improvement. That is right! Welcome to the Health & Wellness chapter of #MillenialFriday. And gang, I went in. Fitness is important and, more importantly, time consuming. And when I say I went in, your boy kind of went in. The days that used to start with an early rise and a public transport ladened morning commute have evolved into an (almost) as early rise. The days start with vitamins (charcoal, Vitamin A, Zinc) and a walk to the gym (we workout fasted), followed by a long enough workout that I am absolutely drained and can’t do anything for the rest of the day, until the night, making the morning’s early rise worth it. 

The gym experience itself varies in it focus. Some days I am lifting weights. Some days I am playing basketball. Some days, when I feel in special need of a day draining jolt, I am doing both. Always soundtracked by Drake. (And whatever the ensuing “Radio” feature then plays) Then of course finishing off in the sauna for an extra sweat sesh. The initial commitment into the everyday sweat is awful. I don’t want to go. I lay in my bed looking at The Rock’s IG from the Pain&Gain days, begging for some sort of motivational salvation. Once acquired, w quietly and politely soldier on. 

In the short amount of time I have been killing myself inside a Boston Sports Club, the purgatory I must suffer in before I achieve eternal Equinox, I have grown to enjoy my morning ritual. What was once a disdain time filler has grown into a runner’s high paradise. I still need the occasional reminder to stay focused as I head towards my Rick Ross-esque “Slim Down, Glow Up”, with significantly less lobster tail and marijuana consumption. 

I have only seen the beginnings of physical changes, which is what I patiently await for, but there are other rewards in the meantime. My muscles feel used. My body feels useful. Months of sitting and standing at a desk have made me stagnant. There is something primal to feeling all of your muscles as humans were supposed to live, active. The daily sweat feels cleansing. I feel free of the prior days toxins. I have always been a big proponent of more water consumption and waters healing qualities, but with the increase in perspiration the water is a non-issue. It is now a requirement of the utmost importance. Clear pores? Hydrated skin? Sign me up! 

I leave the gym, grab a smoothie and cold brew, and walk home. The location of my gym means that even on the lightest of days I still get a 2 mile walk-in, roundtrip. I walk home through city streets clutching a cold brew (black), listening to a podcast, or calling a friend as I pretend I’m in my own version of a Jonah Hill fitness watch. Whatever works, right? 

When I get home the real trouble begins. Sure, I have to spend some of my late morning/early afternoon looking for jobs or writing, which I do. But I still have a wide open schedule with time to kill.. I said I went in on Health & Wellness. I just told about health, and the wellness routine got just as extra. I got swept up in the idea of taking better care of my body that, in addition to  deadlifts and push-ups I got into moisturizer and teeth whitener. You can do very small things to make for a much better you.

While I still have my vices that hold me back, I have done a dive into taking care of myself, the most expensive hobby I could have. It pays off, but boy do you have to pay for it first. That said, please recommend any healthy recipes, workouts, moisturizers, articles, skin care methods, smoothie recipes, athletic wear, water bottles, brands, or stretches you can think of to me while I’m on this journey. I am not an athlete, just trying to play one on TV. 

Thanks guys. Drink more water. Stretch. And Happy #MillenialFriday