50 Best Things About the 4th of July

  1. Fireworks

  2. Alcohol

  3. Slow Work Week

  4. Everything smells like a mix of grilled food and sunscreen

  5. Hot Dogs

  6. Picnic Food in General

  7. Declaration of Independence

  8. Tacky shirts from Old Navy

  9. Classic American Music (Funk)

  10. Thinking you just saw the fireworks finale but then they keep going

  11. Getting drunk all day, but then magically staying the same level of drunk from like 4 p.m. until the ‘works start

  12. Sunglasses Tan Line

  13. This year specifically, talking about the USWNT

  14. Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” ON REPEAT

  15. The Budweiser cans that say America 

  16. Random dads everywhere

  17. Calling the Fourth of July “4-O-J”

  18. Country music (It’s acceptable today)

  19. Pool/Beach games

  20. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut

  21. America the Beautiful by Ray Charles

  22. Bandanas

  23. White sneakers

  24. That thing where your group of friends meets a random group of people during the day and you guys just kinda stick together the rest of the day, never to be seen again after the fireworks

  25. Boston Pops Concert

  26. Top Gun

  27. Quoting American shit (Famous speeches, Miracle, Songs)

  28. Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”

  29. Classic Lays Potato Chips

  30. Bomb Pops

  31. Writing your name with Sparklers

  32. Corona with a Lime

  33. Cornhole/Bags/Whatever you call it

  34. Everyone is ready to go at like 9:00 a.m. a full 12 hours before the main event

  35. Bucket Hats

  36. Your Town’s Parade

  37. Denim shorts

  38. That super overcooked burger but you haven’t eaten yet today

  39. Rooftops

  40. The Sandlot

  41. Jeep Wagoneer

  42. Captain America

  43. Baseball, not that you watch the game but it’s nice to know that it’s on

  44. Naturdays

  45. Juuly

  46. Tom Petty’s “American Girl”

  47. The Moon Landing Footage

  48. The movie Independence Day

  49. Celebrating the Great American Melting Pot and remembering the great lengths people went to protect it and the great lengths people took to even experience it. Whether you were born here and trace your lineage throughout American history, or you traveled tirelessly from far off countries to enter our borders. Today we celebrate you all. We are all Americans.

Celebrate Weekly. Especially this week. Happy #MillenialFriday