On the Megabus

I’m on a Megabus. It’s headed for New York. I should probably be sitting at the desk in my room frantically applying to jobs, but I thought, hey, lets live a little. The remainder of the week will find some of my time spent applying to jobs, but maybe my ambitious streak will be reinvigorated by writing from a coffee shop amid the greatest city in the world rather than a desk and a dark room.

I do love New York. When I go I get to see friends. I get to do stand up in the city that invented it. I get to see the cultural influences on my taste and style in person. But I don’t always like getting to New York. In the grand scheme of things, Boston to New York is a frequently traveled route. It’s not very far. But such an impromptu trip results in the means of transportation being a bus. It’s so cheap that you can decide midweek if you’d like to go or not.

When you have a job, taking the bus has a romanticized feeling to it. Taking the bus to the big city, getting to the land of possibility by any way you can, scrounging a few dollars to make the trek. You’re almost cosplaying a Springsteen song. When you don’t have a job all of that goes away and you’re just, well, taking the bus. Because you can afford to take the bus.

I shuffle a Spotify playlist and look out the window as I think about everything I can do, and harder about the things I will do while in New York. Many people think the allures of New York are Central Park or the Natural History Museum, while I’m much more taken in with the promise of happy hours and late night pizza spots, nearly foreign concepts in Boston.

In a time of career uncertainty, what I thought might be an exciting time quickly turned in a routine, a different routine than what I had grown accustomed to the past year, but a routine nonetheless. So, in this time of professional peril, I’m injecting a bit more excitement into the process. I may still be copying and pasting my resume to application after application, but at least for the next few days I’ll do it in a city with a view, and a bustling nightlife awaiting when I’m done.

Take some time, have some fun, and Happy #MillenialFriday