It happened. It happened to me. Earlier this week, my company laid off our Boston office. For the first time in years, and the first ever on someone else’s terms, I find myself jobless. It is a very uncertain time. Last week I was training new hires and thinking I had a possible promotion coming my way. Now I understand those were my replacements, and I am back to square one. 

I understand that this does happen to a lot of people, and while this isn’t a uniquely millennial experience, the irony is not lost on me that I write a millennial blog and worked for a startup, a millennial industry. Now, I am faced with the downside of those trends, but that startup being bought (again) and swallowed by the parent company. 

It’s strange because while your job may not be your identity, it is one of the first things people ask when they get to know you. Who are you? What do you do? It is a pretty basic setup in our society to quickly sum someone up on those two questions. The remaining questions only come if they are interested in the answers to the first two. I no longer have an answer to my second introductory question. Am I less interesting? Am I more? Do I tell people I write? Do I tell people I’m a comedian? Do I tell them I run a bl-- no, no, literally never mention your blog out in the real world. Internet only please. I do know this may make the oh-so-many dates I go on, well, awkward.

I honestly thought I would be worried. Don’t get me wrong, I am worried. Losing my job wasn’t in “the plan” so now I am scrambling to get that plan, whatever that is, back on track. It is still very fresh so I’m sure reality will set in much deeper as the allure of “not having to go to work” evolves into “not making any money”. Boston is an expensive city, which is something that I knew, but now I think I will start to feel that. That said, it is a great opportunity for change.

I get to move on to something exciting, try something new, or take the skills I learned and do what I did at my last job, only better this time. I am going to enjoy the time I have, hit the gym, get some housekeeping done, write. Write a lot. Read a lot. And prepare myself for what is next. It is nerve wracking, and it sucks. But I’ll get through it. I’m excited for what is next. Also, if you read this and have a line on a job please let your boy know! 

I have a lot of change ahead of me that I’m excited for. I have a lot of things to do I am dreading. I do know, that while this is fresh and reality has been kind enough to not set in just yet, I’m going to celebrate. And so should you. Be fortunate for what you have and allow yourself time to enjoy it.

Thank you, good luck, and Happy #MillenialFriday Celebrate weekly.