Conquer. A powerful word. A word that instills thoughts of great, ancient generals. Napoleon. Caesar. Alexander the Great. To conquer something is to successfully overcome it. To stare adversity in the face and to be left standing, emerging victorious. I have fully enjoyed the absolute pleasure it was to watch the U.S. Women’s National Team conquer the world soccer.

This team has pushed themselves and works hard for the opportunity to perform on such a stage, the World Cup. Four years of hard work culminate in a few short weeks of competition. They are asked to leave everything out there match after match, and if they fall short, they miss their shot for another four years. They fought hard, demanded respect, and backed it all up.

Every time the U.S. has been engaged in international competition the country comes together and backs our citizen competitors. And for some strange reason, this time, there was hesitation to support of our own country.

“They run their mouth”: They back it up. We revel in that. We love greatness. It’s why braggadocio rap music is constantly topping the charts. It’s why we love seeing Kevin Durant say, “You know who I am. I’m Kevin Durant” and go kill the Clippers. That is Babe Ruth pointing to the stands and telling the pitcher where he is going to put this next ball. We love stories about someone struggling, working hard, and achieving their goals. There is something fantastic about watching someone know how good they are and then be right about it. The mania of knowing your greatness and demanding what you deserve is what we ask for in our leaders.

This team tasked themselves with not only winning the World Cup, but to take on social issues of the day. To use their platform to speak their mind, and they used their platform to inspire generations of young women to ask for, and more importantly, go get the things they want in this life. Hustle and motivate.

We were given it in a group of women who took on the world. They told us they were going to win, and then they brought the trophy home. That is to be celebrated. That is to be admired. These women ran, sweat, bled, chased, cried, didn’t sleep, banded together, and showed us what they are made of. It was a thrill to watch. I have never seen such staggering swagger. Win, win again, win it all, and do it with style. They are champions, and no amount of shade will dim that shine.

Join in with the USWNT in their celebration. Celebrate weekly and Happy #MillenialFriday