Go See Booksmart

Go see Booksmart. That’s it. That’s the blog post.

I will expound a little on the idea, but that is what is at the core of this message. Go see it. I recently saw Booksmart and wow, what a movie. It’s so funny, the sound track is great, the acting is great, and it looks beautiful. I was blown away with Olivia Wilde and her directorial debut.

Booksmart is a teen comedy about two girls in high school who want to get their night of partying in before graduation. It is a simple enough premise that is executed to the highest degree. It is set with the backdrop of 2019 with its political correctness and progressive ideals aiding the comedy, as opposed to things you think the film would have to dance around. I’ll keep it short and sweet in that it is a fun, lighthearted movie. In a summer filled with studio blockbusters of existing properties and remakes it is nice to see an original concept kick off the season and set the bar high.

Treat yourself to a movie this weekend and Happy #MillenialFriday