Check On Your Friends

I have written ad nauseam about the importance of friends in our lives, especially in the early adult years. For many of us we see our friends much more than we see our family. Much more important than the people we see during a big event, our friends are who we spend our day-to-day with. The late dinners, spontaneous wine nights, bouts of homesickness, and everything in between our friends are there for.

I want to stress this very simple idea. Make time for your friends. Treat your friends. Talk to your friends. Many of my friends live far away, and that is no excuse. Call them. See how they are doing. You can just call, you don’t need an excuse. Tell them you saw an article that reminded you of them and then ask how they have been. Really been. If you miss them, tell them. I get to see some of my friends this weekend, and I’m so excited. It is long overdue and couldn’t come at a better time.

If you are fortunate enough to live near your friends take full advantage of that. Sure, hang out with them and get drinks with them, but also, indulge them. Let them pick a night what they want to do and do it with them. Listen to them talk about the things they are interested in. Sometimes the best solution isn’t to compromise, it is to surrender. Let them have one every now and then. Learn about what makes you guys different and don’t just focus on the similarities. If they seem off, or sad, ask them.

I care deeply for my friends. I always hope the best for them, but I’m there for them in the event that isn’t the case. They are allowed to feel however they feel around me and speak their mind.

Disclaimer: This obviously goes for your very close friends not your girlfriends co-worker you’ve met 3 times.

I wish you all the best and a very Happy #MillenialFriday