Congrats to the St. Louis Blues

The Stanley Cup is yours. It is crazy to say that, and I can’t imagine how good you must feel. I have nothing left to say except, congrats.

At no point does winning a championship get taken for granted. Each year, each team, a championship is the pinnacle of success; the achievement of goals. I think a lot of people think “St. Louis has waited longer” or “Boston has won before, this means nothing” and I don’t subscribe to any of that. I think had Boston won, this city would have cherished that victory immensely. It was wildly aggressive, hard-hitting, and competitive.

That said, there is a quote, “Failure is the condiment that gives success all of it’s flavor.” Now, that is not to say that every season before this one was a failure for St. Louis. The Blues were perennial playoff competitors even having previously secured a #1 seed. For a long time now The Blues have been a very good hockey club. But St. Louis is a city with a certain tenacity to it. The fans are demanding because they know what they are capable of. To the fans, anything less than a Stanley Cup was a failure. You demanded the most and your demands were met. After a clinical level of patience, a great weight has been lifted.

If failure truly is the thing that spices up victory, then the National Hockey League will know no sweeter victory than this one. Congrats, and holy hell can Jordan Bennington play hockey.

Happy #MillenialFriday