The Solo Sit

This week’s post comes from inspiration from a friend of mine. A friend who is (I think) a reader. He let his devoted Twitter following know what he was up to on a particular May evening, an activity he claimed as inspired by my previous actions. I inspire him, and he, in turn, inspires me. He put on the timeline that he was headed to Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a #MillenialFriday ritual not yet widely adopted: The Solo Sit.

Now, while I have never attended a baseball game by myself before, my friend did point out that I am a pioneer of the technique, where you attend public events on your own. That really is the definition of The Solo Sit. The venue and activity itself is entirely dependent on your interests. I have attended concerts, movies, and museums by myself before. Some of those more looked down on than others. This weekend I’m head on a 10-day Eurotrip on my own. (Something that is somehow viewed as more normal than same alone matinee)

I think these alone ventures are something to be looked to as a glowing badge of independence. The public is not reserved for those with an available and capable friend group. Your ability to spend time with yourself is paramount to enjoying life. Now, The Solo Sit trip to the movies, for example, is far different than wallowing in bed on a hungover Sunday with Netflix on. You get to experience of friend activities with the convenience and ease of doing things on your own. No schedules to coordinate or rides to arrange. You pick the showtime you and only you can fit into your day. Or at the museum, you linger at the painting you find interesting without feeling rushed or like you are slowing someone down. The pressure to play the game to see who will suggest it’s time to go is lifted.

As I mentioned, I’ve never done the baseball game Solo Sit, but I imagine if my friend wanted popcorn, he got popcorn. If he then wanted a hot dog, he ordered a hot dog. If he wanted to move closer or get drunk there was no one to judge him or have any objections.

The Solo Sit allows for selfish behavior. It is encouraged. This day is yours and you spend it how you like it. The Solo Sit should be looked at the same way as going to the gym alone is looked at. You can get in, do what you like, and get out. It’s smoother. It is not time to be a recluse, but rather an opportunity to have your own, and only your own, experience of the world.

Friends are great, and often heighten an experience. You’re making lasting memories with your friends. But not everything you do is for the memories. You may not necessarily want to remember going to see The Martian. Maybe you just want to see The Martian, and for reasons such as this, I present to you: TheSolo Sit.