One Year of Celebrating

I’ve been writing this blog for a year now. To be truthful, a little bit over a year. The topics have ranged from topical to personal, from humorous to dramatic. I’ve tried to give sage wisdom, and I’ve admitted I’m still learning. It has been fun sharing my thoughts with you, and it’s been stressful trying to hammer out another post before each Thursday. Some weeks I spent Saturdays working diligently to make sure I had something worth reading. Other weeks it was 11:30 on a Wednesday night, and I was drunk and trying to finish in time. I got positive feedback. I was told I missed the mark. Posts I was excited about were overlooked. Posts I ignored found new life on the internet.

Over the course of the year I traveled. I made some new friends, and visited some old ones. I quit a job and started a new one. I did a lot of stand up. I started writing other forms of entertainment. I read a ton. Watched even more. Won a costume contest. Lost plenty of sunglasses. Started a podcast. Fell for someone, it didn’t work out. Moved on. I spoke at my best friend’s wedding and at my sister’s wedding. Cried at both. Danced at both. I went to concerts to see my favorite bands. I had late night listening sessions in living rooms across Boston. I had the time of my life. And I got to tell you about it all.

I keep doing this blog week after week. I enjoy it, that much is for sure. I like writing new things in new formats. I’m excited to continue to do it. I try to keep a constant brainstorm of new ideas to write about. I keep a list, but some weeks that list is empty. If you are reading this, you have done enough, but as always, I invite you to join the conversation. Pitch ideas, ask questions, let me mull it over and give my thoughts. Hell, last post I co-wrote. If you hand me a fully formed article I’ll post it if I like it. (With your name on it of course.) I’m glad I’ve had enough people comment on or speak to me about what I’ve written, and even if you haven’t, I appreciate your attention. So, after a year, I wanted to say thank you for reading. Tell your friends. Keep celebrating weekly. And Happy #MillenialFriday