Meet Emmett

Hey everyone! Welcome to another #MillenialFriday. I’m going to pull back the curtain here a bit and let you know it is very late that I am writing this. I’m starting to put together a short web series of some fun ideas I’ve had, and shoot them along with some friends. If that is of interest to you, please read the below to get an idea of what it will be about. If you have suggestions or comments please leave them below or tweet with #MillenialFriday Thanks guys.

Self improvement is hard. It only gets hard the more far gone you are. Any temptation can knock you off your path to betterment. Yet, we strive. We aim to be better than our former selves. We take on hobbies. We take care of our health. We meet new people. All of these few and fruitless attempts are chasing a feeling we haven’t known yet. We are chasing the idea that the days ahead are better than the ones that have passed.

The climb to self actualization is not a linear one. We see peaks and valleys along the way. Right when we hit our stride and things are going our way, life steps in to shake it up. Habits are hard to break. As a young adult, many of us think the days of us reinventing ourselves are long over. But staring down the barrel of 25 might be enough to turn you into a 5:00 a.m. early riser and gym go-er. You may be a bad night away from sobriety, or a good a cause away from being a volunteer.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It is an arduous process littered with exits for the non-committed to take. Change takes a lot. It requires a determined spirit and sometimes more than that. We have to lean on our friends. Some days we lean on friends for inspiration, some days for support, and some days we need those friends to tell us, “It’s alright if you don’t make progress today, but I’m not letting you go backwards.” This is the story of a guy trying to better himself, and who won’t let falling short get in his way. Meet Emmett.