Ramble On

I’m writing this blog like an early internet blog. Remember those? Like how Jesse Eisenberg does in The Social Network. Just posting updates on what he was doing that moment. The kind of blogging that took place on the Internet before I ever used the Internet. That stream of consciousness type blogging. Not this article you wrote like a reporter reporting on your own life. Not like I went to Belize so then I wrote a book report about it, to tell you about the trip I went on. I’m doing that old school blogging where you are just writing the thoughts you’re thinking to strangers on the Internet because you have nothing to do except be a stranger on the Internet.

I like the writing. We are coming up on a year of doing these, still a ways to go. Anyway, I like the writing aspect of it, which is why I can sit here and type away and put words on the page. It’s the topic portion that gives me the most trouble, which again, is why we are in the situation we are in. What should I write about week to week? It’s not like I’m out reporting on events. When I first started I was asking people for ideas for topics. I get exactly zero, so I stopped doing that. Is that something I should go back to? Is that better than whatever this is? Give me topics guys. That will help us both immensely.

It was about here I realized that you don’t read for “this kind of blogging”.

As a bit of a follow up to last week’s post, go ahead and go read it real quick. No really… I’ll wait. Pretty good right? Anyway, to follow up the new year has been a solid, concerted effort. That’s the most I’m willing to say about it. I decided not to go dancing one night. I did have an omelet. I have listed to a bunch of pop music, but still end my days will morose indie music. I’m actively trying the things I have planned. I went to a new restaurant, and I’m working on a new project. I still gotta start being a good friend. And, because it is the new year after all, I’m back at a gym just for good measure.

I know I asked a lot from you last week with that “show a little resolve.” But I wanted to let you know, I’m doing it with you. It’s going to be a good year. Keep me accountable. And suggest some topics while you’re at it. Or ask questions, anything to spark some conversation. I’ll do the same for you.

I get asked for relationship advice very frequently. That does feel somewhat strange because there is a very short list of people who have seen me in a relationship. I get along with people. Is that what puts off the vibe that I would be able to help with a relationship? I’m far from being in one. I accidentally ghosted someone this week. That’s where I am. While we are on where I am, when you’re an adult is it still called having a crush on someone? I think I’m feeling something close to that feeling, probably not. But what is certain is it feels odd to be gainfully employed and say “crush”. I don’t see them very often. Definitely not enough. You get that excitement when you see them, and I don’t feel that excitement very often at all. In a stable life, it is tough to get that feeling of true excitement without doing something brash, (i.e. skydiving) but you get a jolt of it when you see a “crush”. One of the only genuine ways to feel that level of excitement. It feels good. Special.

Well, we are about at the end for this week, can you believe it’s already been 500 words? Each paragraph was basically a different attempt at me starting this week’s post. It’s fitting that Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On is on the speakers right now. So, I rambled. Enjoy.

Have a good weekend and be sure to start your weekend today. Happy #MillenialFriday