Wedding Guest Tips

I tend to cover events right as they end. I gave you the drink of the summer midway through September. Timing has never been my strong suit. So, why not do it again? As we wrap up wedding season, I have your tips for how to be a first round draft pick wedding guest. Weddings are amazing. They often take you to new cities, grand locations, and surround you with people looking their best. It’s a collection of your favorite people together. It maybe college friends, hometown friends, or maybe your family, I don’t know what you’re into. Everyone is happy, and I don’t have to mention the greatest two words in the English language, in love. Just kidding, open bar. 

So, I have laid out a few tips on how to have a fun time and be everyone’s favorite guest. I’m off to another one this weekend, and I’m packing as I right this. Hence, it’s brevity. Here’s a free tip, pack for your wedding weekend before the night before you leave. Wedding means lots of outfits, even for us gentlemen, so take some time and really thing about all of the costume changes you need to make, even as a mere guest. Don’t be like me. Weddings are important steps in people’s lives. Prepare accordingly.


1.     Weddings are supposed to be fun. So, be fun. Hit the dance floor. Chat with grandma. Be seen, but don’t attract too much attention.

2.     Know your open bar limit. Puking in the bathroom is for the 17-year old cousin sneaking drinks. Not you.

3.     On that note, we are adults. Adults tip. I understand 20% of free is free, but bartenders work hard especially at open bars. Also, never has a nice tip gone unnoticed. Help you help your buzz.

4.     Speaking of, eat the food. It’s going to be good, and you’re going to be drinking. Get something in your stomach. You had some crackers before the wedding 3 hours ago and you woke up kinda hungover. Eat.

5.     Everything about weddings is fun. That goes for clothes too. Don’t be boring, floral ties, loud suit coat, a wedding is your opportunity to flex the creative side. Just don’t overshadow the bride. (As if, you could.)

6.     Introduce yourself to your table, but mingle outside your respective table. Are you at the in-the-back college friend table? Mingle with Uncle Joe at the bar. Crack wise over a cold one. Congratulate all the parents on this special day. Keep conversation light and don’t talk too long.

7.     You get one song request. It is not required that you use it, but essential that you don’t misuse it.

8.     Give your best to the bride and groom and then let them spend the night enjoying each other. They are going to spend the night getting pulled apart from one another to chat, but not by you.

As always, Happy #MillenialFriday Celebrate weekly.

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