Three Year Comedy Anniversary

This week marks 3 years that I have been doing stand up comedy. 

In that time, people I grew up with have had children, some, multiple children. They have brought joy into this world. Many have met and married the person they’ll spend the rest of their life with. Some have divorce on the horizon. I also have friends who have continued their education and got a professional degree. They have become things like doctors and lawyers. They have started down the career path to lifelong success and may even litigate our mutual friend’s statistically certain divorce. Some got a dog. 

Comedy is a fool’s errand. If you have never done it, don’t start. Go do something with purpose. I haven’t spent my time wisely. Most of your time is just waiting around in basement and bars. If you’re late, you miss your opportunity to perform, so you’re early for everything… waiting. An average night is spent sitting in a bar for hours, making small talk with fellow comics. Comedy itself attracts the mentally unwell. These people are the ones that consume your evening conversations while your high school friends are teaching their child to speak. Make no mistake; the level of intellect in these two very different conversations is identical.

Many friends have bought homes. They have achieved a version of this American dream we are sold. I have moved across the country, to a renter’s hell. Their three-bedroom home with a back yard has a mortgage that is less than the rent for my double-decker apartment above a Brazilian family. They drive a car. I swipe a subway pass. They have their couple friends over for a game night with chips and dips. I am never home. Everything I do is in the name of content. I even started a blog just to make sure I’m consistently writing. By the way, happy #MillenialFriday. Thanks for reading.

Some of my friends have found a hobby, maybe bird watching, or woodworking, something with a real future. Had I chosen anything as a hobby other than comedy, I’d be much further along. I could have picked up something ridiculous like Crossfit, and I’d be healthier. I’d be less interesting, but much healthier. I could have learned a new language. And all that time in bars only adds to the drinking. I could have picked up drinking as a hobby, and I would have been better served. People who list “whiskey” as a hobby have a more stable network of people than a comedian. If booze were my hobby, I would have gained an interest. At least that way I would have learned about cocktails or craft beer instead of memorizing the prices of 16 oz PBRs at different bars across Boston.

My list of Facebook friends now has more comedians on it than kids that went to my high school. That’s insane. At least the high school kids will always have a high school degree. Many of these people won’t be comedians much longer. I hope you enjoyed this. I was trying to be funny. Nowadays I’m only ever trying to be funny. Call more! Kisses.

Anything is more rewarding than this. Happy Comedy Anniversary to me! 

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