On Inspiration

This week’s musing is on inspiration. It may seem like it is aimed at the creative bunch of you, and it is. But I also find that you can be inspired to do anything. So, I may speak to finding inspiration for your next piece of written work, but I think it’s important to find an inspiration source to do anything at a high level, whether it be wood working or accounting, singing or gymnastics. Inspiration is something that gets you to your best, regardless of what that thing is, and regardless of where it comes from. And as always, Happy #MillenialFriday

Inspiration is a fickle, fleeting thing. You want to start working out, but a few days in, you can’t seem to find a reason to go to the gym. Or you have this grand idea for a novel, but you can’t bring yourself to face a blank page. You aren’t a writer until you write. So, start. I know that is the hardest part but start. A little inspiration goes a long way, meaning, if you are ever, at all, even kind of in the mood to work on your passion; that’s as good as it gets. Chase that minuscule amount of inspiration and you will find completed work. Inspiration rarely is a bolt of lightning. It’s often a pebble in your shoe, always on your mind and gone at the end of the day. Explore it. 

The trouble isn’t only having a little bit of inspiration. What if you don’t have any? This is a much bigger problem of course. I can only speak to where I find mine, and everyone is different. So, the only apt advice I can give is inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. What has been your core source may be an ever-filling well of call to action, but maybe not. Maybe you heard a song and it drove you to run 6 miles and the next time you hear it you can’t be bothered to put shoes on. These jolts of initiative can come from anywhere. Be welcome to them.

A delayed bus could mean your next chapter. Hell, I’m writing this waiting for a bus. Anyway, don’t think that each project can only have one source of inspiration and don’t think that your source can only inspire one project. Do you want to write a love story about a girl you know? Original. Just kidding, great! But I imagine you know more than one side of her. Maybe she also inspires a modern western about 3 girls who rob credit unions in northern Arizona. I don’t know. Just don’t pigeonhole your thinking because you think you know what you’re supposed to get out of something. 

It’s lying all around you, and believe me you, terribly difficult to uncover. But whatever it is you’re after, passion, career, health, etc. don’t let the feeling of “being uninspired” keep you from it. 


Happy #MillenialFriday love y’all.


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