48 Unanswered Questions About the 2018-19 NBA Season

Sorry I took last week off for the holiday. I hope you enjoyed yours, and thank you for being patient. NBA Free Agency has been absolutely crazy. I just quit my job (more on that later). I've been swamped, so I just wrote down every thought Free Agency had me thinking about the coming season. If you don't like basketball, I'm sorry. But not all of the questions are basketball related. Have some fun. If you want to answer any or talk any of them out, tweet your answer at me or use the #MillenialFriday

1.     Will the Lakers get the piece that will make them competitive with The Warriors?


2.     Will Boogie Cousins bring out the understated asshole in Steph?


3.     How many 20 assists games will Rondo have this year?


4.     How much shit will Rondo talk on Lonzo this year?


5.     How many more weeks until Lonzo is no longer a Laker?

6. Kawhi???


7.     More Finals Game 1 3-pointers, Klay or Tatum?


8.     Who will be LeBron’s co-star in his first Blockbuster since coming to L.A.? 


9. What is the line on the Russ triple-double total?


10. Does Kyle Kouzma try to grow a beard like LeBron?


11. Does Brandon Ingram get a new hairstyle?


12. Does LeBron’s first movie make more money than Kyrie’s Uncle Drew?


13. Who has more burner accounts, KD or Embiid?


14. Following in Ben Simmons footsteps, is Donovan Mitchell eligible for ROY?


15. Is Zach Levine the most over paid player in history?

16. MELO????


17. Is Jaylen Brown still Best Smile favorite?


18. Will Kendrick name-drop LeBron in a song about L.A.?


19. When is the first on court altercation between Lance Stephenson and LeBron?


20. Is Tony Parker even allowed to wear another team’s jersey?


21. Snarkiest post-game interview of the year: Kerr or Pop?


22. Why didn’t we get Woj to conduct the Muller Investigation? The Woj Commission.


23. Does LeBron now make room in his diet for In-N-Out?


24. Did LeBron ever have room in his diet for Skyline Chili?


25. Which threesome will last longer, Steph, Klay, and KD or Lou Williams and his two girlfriends?


26. Who is the better LeBron PG, Rondo or Kyrie?


27. Who is the better Celtics PG, Rondo or Kyrie?


28. When will MPJ play his first game?


29. What is Grayson Allen’s potential, J.J. Reddick or Kyle Singler?


30. Does Kevin Knox make a dunk contest appearance?


31. Is the Dion Waiters Miami Vice jersey the best selling jersey this year?  

32. Mike Connelly Jr.!!! (I understand, not a question)


33. Which Morris brother is which?


34. Does Gordon Hayward’s haircut somehow get more popular in Boston?


35. Will Terry Rozier-esque neck tats somehow get more popular in Boston?


36. Will LeBron look good in purple?


37. Is Isaiah Thomas just a sleeper agent for Brad Stevens and the Celtics?


38. Better actor: LeBron or Blake Griffin?


39. Is this the Anthony Davis MVP year we’ve been waiting for?


40. Who shaves first The Brow or The Beard?


41. How many games at the Staples Center does Kobe go to?


42. Does Jack Nicholson have Kobe’s phone number? (Just always kinda wondered this one.)


43. Does Trae Young try to out shoot Steph in their first matchup?


44. Who is the most famous celeb at a Laker game now that LeBron will make them good?


45. What is Kansas City’s mascot going to be when they finally get a team?


46. Does the proximity to Wine Country throw of LeBron’s game?


47. Do they remake Sideways with LeBron and D-Wade?


48. What makes more money, LeBron movies at the box office or LeBron as a Laker? (First 4 years)


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