Offical 2018 Fourth of July Checklist

We are quickly approaching the Fourth of July, the hallmark of summer. This is a holiday filled with food, drinks, sun, and of course, fireworks. The Fourth of July really throws everything at you. It's the All-Star game of the holidays. We have the weather of Memorial Day, the drinking of St. Paddy's day, and the magic moment (remember The Sandlot) under the lights of Christmas. It's a great holiday, with plenty of obstacles trying to throw you off your rhythm. Sometimes you get a full weekend, or like this year, you get a day and a half with no recovery time before you're back in the office. We here at #MillenialFriday have compiled all of the things you should have with you to combat the obstacles and ensure you're 4th is a bang! 


1. Sunnies

Protect those retinas! With the iconic summer accessory. In addition to being a very stylish look, sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and from looking like a goof squinting everywhere you look. If you plan properly you will be outside the bulk of your day. So, make sure the shades are with you at all times, and your 4th will be bright.

2. Sunscreen

I'm going to get all of the boring stuff out of the way early. Wear sunscreen. Holy shit. Just wear sunscreen. First of all, put a little bit on your face and you'll avoid the sunglasses tan, because you'll have those on all day too. Second, I'm not asking a lot. Just put some on in the morning, SPF 15. You'll get your desired tan, just use a little protection. Also, have you ever seen a guy that is beat red at the bar? Like when you can tell he got sunburned that day? He looks like an asshole. It's like, buddy, ya knew this was gonna happen. I'm gonna guess this happened last year. It's a totally avoidable mishap. We are one week away from the 4th. Go buy sunscreen. 

3. Playlist

Your yard party, Uber rides, pre-game, etc. will all need a soundtrack. Get together a quality playlist and have that narrate your day. Throw in some Top 40, plenty of patriotic songs (the fun ones), country for good measure, and always the throwback hits. Make sure you have stuff people can sing along too and also vibe out too during your drinking games. Might I suggest this one:

Whatever playlist you choose, make sure you load up your favorite song a few times. When you get up in the morning, hit shuffle, and let it ride. 


4. Alcohol

I was going to dedicate this section to drinks and remind you to drink water. But we're all adults here. Also, the nice thing about the Fourth of July is that it's 95 degrees so you don't need me to tell you to drink water. The only thing I'll say about alcohol is have a plan and make sure you have plenty of it. Beer is your best bet. You can drink beer all day and still be fine. Also, the person drinking vodka-sodas at 11:00 a.m. is often the topic of conversations they aren't a part of. It's a bad look. The 4th is a marathon, not a sprint. Got a huge cooler, buy a bunch of beer (Budweiser has fun red,white, and blue cans), and save the hard stuff for when the sun goes down. The only thing worse than the lobster with the sunburn is the guy watching fireworks with a hangover.

hot dogs.jpg

5. Food

We aren't getting fancy here. Stick to the classics. Grill some hot dogs, hamburgers if you have a big grill. Get chips and dips as a side and that's it. I love a summer night out grilling and making kebabs, but that is not with the 4th is for. Today you need to view food strictly as fuel. The only goal is to make it to the fireworks. If you accomplish that order a pizza when you get home, you earned it.

bomb pop.jpeg

6. Bomb Pops

While we are on food, get a box of Bomb Pops while you're out. They are red, white, and blue. They are a frozen treat in the peak of summer, and the nostalgia factor is through the roof. Your friends haven't had a Bomb Pop in a decade and they will love when you bust them out. 

7. Fun, Festive Outfit

I'm talking to the fellas on this one. Ladies, you know how to appropriate dress. Guys, we aren't doing tank tops. We're done with those. You look like you're headed to varsity football practice. Unless you are at a pool/beach let's reach for something with sleeves. Plus, no self-respecting bar will let you in in a tank top. I suggest you try a nice short sleeve button up. They come in plenty of fun patterns and if you don't make it home to change you can still wear it in a bar without standing out. Same rules goes for flip flops. If you are at a beach/pool, go crazy. Otherwise lets cover those toes up, thanks boys. 

fourth of july.jpg


Enjoy your Fourth of July! Have a blast. I can't sway you, but if you're drinking all day please don't shoot fireworks. (They best way to do 4oJ) After a long day in the sun, it is best topped off by sitting back and stress-free watching the show. Like, comment, share, toss beers off the deck Pitt-McConaughey style. Happy Celebrating, #MillenialFriday