Everything's Fine

In today’s world of millennial “entitlement”, we often hear how kids ask for what they don’t deserve. The harsh reality is, in college, you are supposed to decide your career, study hard, get involved, intern, and set yourself apart from everyone you spent the last four years meeting. All of these things are juggled with the fact that you need a social life, to keep yourself from going crazy, and need to build relationships with the opposite sex, sometimes for a lifetime. Kids in their late teens are early twenties are asked to figure out the next 40 years while going through excitement, celebration, breakups, and heartache. College is the only environment where someone can break your heart, and you still have to see them everyday.

This is the story of four young men in their early twenties trying to figure it out. They hang out in a bar, for what many would consider, too often. They live together, and they experience each aspect of the other’s life. They are the only family they have on campus. They face the surmounting pressure of life after college with a carefree spirit and view building relationships with others as a weekend endeavor, through the lens of sarcasm and alcohol, lots of alcohol. They have a skewed view on the world that many do not agree with but few dare to argue. They aren’t bad guys; they are quite nice. They are very likable. That being said, they are assholes.

This is a story of a man who is left by his girlfriend because he thought he would never lose her. This is about his friend, who reconnects with his ex-girlfriend because now they are more mature than when they last tried. Two friends who, when alone, toy with the idea of being together, but neither can stand the thought of maybe wrecking a friendship, so instead, they avoid each other by staying in the arms of strangers. And a man who meets a woman so perfect for him, they’re only kept from each other by their own fear of commitment. All these things seem daunting and complex, but it is easy when you never take yourself seriously.

Love, college, fun, and the future all take the time of the four young men. They have no guides, only each other. So they do what we all must do, wing it. This is a real story of everything that can go wrong during the best years of your life. The world is hard enough as it is; it’s even harder when you’re an asshole. Something you can only find out the hard way.