What Your Favorite Dating App Says About You

We are all using dating apps these days. We here at #MillenialFriday are huge proponents of dating apps. With so many options, it can be tough to know which one to choose. The reality is many people are on many apps, and that’s how it should be. I don’t feel bad for the single person who doesn’t use all the tools at their disposal. But with multiple apps, naturally, one will eek out as your favorite. What does your favorite say about you?

the league.png

1.     The League

You like to fraternize with a higher class of people and pick your significant other based on degree and industry. I truthfully don’t even know how many cities The League is in. If you don’t have The League, think of it as a country club, the people in the app certainly do. It looks like a lot of fun in photos, but you aren’t missing out on anything. With three set-up potential matches each day, The League feels like you’re on it because it’s an app filled with people your WASP parents pre-approved.

The League Relationship Avatar: The rich girl you dated, but you broke up after you went to her parent’s Fourth of July weekend. You aren’t sure why you broke up. Things seemed to be going well. Surely, her parents had nothing to do with it.


2.     Hinge

You want to meet the one. You’re through playing games and want to settle down. You like to play it safe. You’re going to meet someone nice and sweet here. You’re going to date for a while. You both foresee kids in your future. Everything seems great. As those few insecurities start to creep in, as naturally happens, you’ll just ignore them. You joined Hinge to find the one, and you’re 29 now. Remember, settling, at least it’s not starting over.

Hinge Relationship Avatar: Your wife you married out of convenience.  It isn’t a deep romance, but your schedules line up nicely.


3.     J – Swipe

You’re super Jewish. Either you’re Jewish or you’re an asshole. Jewish girls have no time for your gentile nonsense, and Jewish boys have to impress their mother and don’t have item for you.

J-Swipe Relationship Avatar: That Jewish girl you dated.


4.     Tinder

You probably have HPV and definitely haven’t called your mom in months. You’re afraid of change and are stuck in the old way of doing things. That’s why you’re stuck dating in the same circle never meeting anyone new or interesting. Challenge yourself. It will do you a world of good.

Tinder Relationship Avatar: The first boy you dated in high school. He showed you that there’s a whole world out there and he never explored it with you. He’s also the reason you no longer go home on Thanksgiving.


5.     Bumble

You understand that dating is supposed to be fun. You know that sometimes you meet someone and there’s a future, and sometimes they leave your life as quickly as they enter. You understand that what makes dating and meeting new people worthwhile is the spontaneity of it all. Each person is looking for something different, from casual hook ups to serious relationships, and Bumble is the career fair for all of those roles. 

Bumble Relationship Avatar: Your first meaningful relationship. Whether it is that long-term hook up that never evolved or your first adult relationship that grew into a lifelong love, this relationship really brought you into the world of romance. You grew together, fought, forgave, and learned. All the while, she messaged first.

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