My Seven Essentials

This is a series I am calling Seven Essentials. Every so often, I am going to profile a young millennial using a few questions as well asking what their seven essentials are. What are the seven things you can’t live without? Want to be considered? Tweet at the #MillenialFriday hashtag or email

Name: Emmett DeLaney

Occupation: Works for investment manager, Loomis Sayles; stand up comedian

Drink of Choice: Bourbon

Dating App of Choice: Bumble

Best Brunch: Kanye Brunch at Cafeteria Boston in Back Bay, but I’m happy with a benny and a bloody anywhere

What are your Seven Essentials?

1.     Warby Parker’s Winston Sunglasses

This is the best pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. They have that timeless style and look good on my face, which is great because I wear sunglasses all the time. If there is any bit of light outside, I have them on. Every time I lose or break a pair, I just buy the same pair again. I’m on my third pair. They can’t be beat.

2.     Clark’s Desert Boots

Much like the Winston’s, I always just replace my old Clark’s with a new pair. I run through these much quicker, but it is a phenomenal shoe. You buy them and then the first three or four days it feels like a new shoe that needs to be broken in. After that, they are like slippers. They are easy to get on and off so they are also my airport shoes. They look good with slacks or just a pair of jeans. Everyone should have a pair.

3.     Instagram

Instagram is the best app. We can stop debating it. I’m a big fan of Twitter, but Twitter doesn’t hold a candle to Instagram. I love editing and posting new photos, which is something I am trying to do more of. But I would be content with just following a bunch of people and scrolling through my feed. Fix that weird algorithm and go back to chronological posting. Other than that, it’s perfect.

4.     KC Baldwin Hat

I lived in Kansas City for a year, and I absolutely loved it. In KC, there is this clothing designer named Baldwin who makes these cool hats. They are modeled after the KC Monarch’s hat so they look throwback. People always ask if it is a Monarch’s hat or how long I’ve had it. It looks like it could have been your grandpa’s hat. I like my hair too much, so I don't wear a hat all of the time, but when I do, it's always this one. Plus, I bought mine a few days before I moved to Boston, so it is a nice piece of memorabilia, I have from the great year I spent in Kansas City.

5.     Bulleit Bourbon

I’ve had bourbon that is much more expensive. To be honest, I’ve had bourbon that is better, but for whatever reason, Bulleit is my favorite. If you’re just getting into bourbon or if you’re someone who drinks a lot of bourbon, it isn’t terribly expensive and it isn’t too bold to sip. It makes a great old fashioned, and is just as good on ice.

6.     Movies

I don’t watch a movie every single day, but it’s close. If I’m tired, sick, happy, upset, or hungover (a big one) I think it’s a good time for a movie. It’s a great way to put your troubles to the side for 2 hours and follow someone else’s life. If you want to hang out with someone and aren’t sure what to do, throw on a movie. My favorite is Good Will Hunting. I highly recommend it. Also, go to the theatre. Matinee Sunday show is the best ending to your weekend.

7.     Coffee

Unlike movies, I do drink coffee every single day. I do enjoy my coffee black, but I’m not a purist snob. I love iced coffee, cappuccino, flat whites, espresso; you name it. It’s how a start my day everyday, with several cups. And a few days a week, I like to step away from work and sip a cappuccino in the afternoon. Drink it slow and enjoy it, despite the caffeine it is relaxing.


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