Welcome to #MillenialFriday

First and foremost, I’m sure you’re wondering, what is #MillenialFriday? The short answer, something dumb I made up. The more encompassing answer, anything you want it to be. What I am trying to do with #MillenialFriday is have a conversation. Give advice. Ramble about nothing. It is a conversation about Millennials, for Millennials, by Millennials. It’s basically our Constitution, so consider this the preamble.

A couple quick things to note, you’ll notice that millennial is spelled with two N’s and #MillenialFriday only has one. Not a typo, I just messed that up, run with it. Who cares?

Now, that the logistics are out of the way here comes the fun. #MillenialFriday takes place every Thursday, what we are now considering every millennial’s Friday. On most Thursdays, I will be releasing some kind of post, list, column, call it what you will, etc. Here’s where you come in, every Thursday tweet out #MillenialFriday with your takes. The conversation should be about all things our generation. Feel free to comment on why we are this way. Things we like or antiquated things we don’t understand. Our generation was the one to revolutionize communication, let’s talk about it. Our generation spans peak Jordan and LeBron eras; lets pin them one-on-one. We utilized the Internet from how people get groceries, to how we meet new people. Introduce yourself and let's tell me how you feel. Anything you want to discuss, toss a #MillenialFriday on there and let’s get the conversation started.

We are also consuming content at a rate never seen before. So recommend those, books, shows, albums, movies, articles, podcasts, restaurants, bars, you name it. I want to talk about why tapas is the best first date idea. Tell me about your horror stories from your “Meet Her Friends Brunch”. I want to hear about your frustrating time trying to find an entry-level job that requires three years experience. Tell me about your side hustle or your terribly high rent that all of the sudden makes avocado toast seem not so expensive. There are no rules. I am tired of watching talking heads on TV tell us what is so wrong with our generation, and then quote Drake at the end to act like they can relate. We are the participation trophy generation, so we might as well participate. But most of all, welcome to… #MillenialFriday



For those real ones that read all the way to the end, I’ll give you all a treat for the support. This is for you. Thanks gang.

The Five Best Kinds of Drunks to Be

5. Olympics Day Drunk

4. My Flight Is Cancelled and I’m Stuck at the Airport Drunk

3. Sunday Day Drunk and Monday is a National Holiday Drunk

2. I’m About to Be Trapped at Home by Snow So Might As Well Drunk

1. Wedding Drunk