Official Fall Fashion Guide

We’ve been hinting at it for weeks now, patiently awaiting its arrival. Week after week we think it’s arrived only to be thwarted by an upsetting mid-week heat wave. But alas, it is finally here. The temperature has dipped, this time for good, and we have turned our clocks back an hour. Fall is here. Now, fall has been here for a while. We have seen all the tell tale signs, football season, leaves turning, and Starbucks has had their notorious PSL’s on the menu for well over a month now. Hell, it’s November. Fall only lasts another month anyway, but it isn’t fully fall until we are in the throws of the greatest part of the greatest season, fall fashion.

September, we know, is just the tail end of the summer making its way out the door. October is by every definition “fall” but how many days have you woken up to see forty degrees on the weather app and seventy by the time you left work? You get through October by always wearing a t-shirt and keeping a hoodie on you at all times. November is fall weather. So it is time for fall fashion. The cold temperature are perpetual and you need to dress accordingly. What I’ve detailed below seems to be male-leaning (that’s my area of expertise), but ladies these are just basics. Take a few notes here and add some personal affectation. Style is 90% personality anyway.

bean boots.jpg

1. Boots

Is there anything better than a sturdy pair of boots? The temperature is falling so you need to keep your feet warm, but this time of year is also very rainy, so we need to keep your feet dry. I suggest a dark brown leather as an easy place to start. They go with most things and there a billion retailers that make them. As you increase in price point you can start looking into GoreTex and things like that. Boots can get expensive quickly, but find something in your price range and buy one pair and keep that pair for the next 10 years. Or (and keep in mind, I live in New England) remember to buy early in the year and just get the greatest boots ever made, Bean Boots. They are consistently sold out but if you get your hands on a pair they will not disappoint.

camp socks.jpg

2. Camp Socks

This follows all the same logic as boots. Keep those feet warm and dry. And on the days when you don’t leave the house, camp socks are a great way to pop some seasonal color into an outfit. There are tons of people that make these, and they range from basic department store to performance hiking socks. Just get something with a wool knit. I personally recommend J. Crew’s Camp Socks. They come in an array of colors and patterns.

3. Dark Jeans

Again, we are keeping it simple. Find a pair of dark denim jeans that fit you nicely, and then buy all the pairs of them. A dark jean is very simple to dress up and when paired with a t-shirt looks like you know your way around a tool box. We aren’t doing boot cut (most of us) and no one wears skinny jeans any more. Look for a straight leg jean, and if you’re feeling yourself, find something with a slight taper. Levi’s is the king of jeans so that’s the best place to start to find a quality pair. Jeans get much more expensive than that, but don’t confuse that with quality. Levi’s have been around for almost 200 years.

4. Sweater Weather

jfk sweater.jpg

What. Is. Better. Than. Sweater. Weather? Nothing. That is, plain and simple, the answer. This is where you’re allowed to go crazy. Take every ounce of your personality and inject it into your sweater selection. There are basically no rules anymore. Go with any style or color. I do suggest to go chunkier (thicker knit) but that’s all the guidance I’ll offer. Go for fisherman’s sweaters, turtlenecks, ugly Christmas sweaters, old college crewnecks, cardigans, even sweater vests are in play. The world is your oyster. Pick out a few, one for Thanksgiving day football game and one for the family dinner later that day, regardless of the setting, dressed up or dressed down, you’ll be the best dressed.

5. Light Outerwear

The greatest article of clothing to have ever been invented. If you know what you’re doing this is the jacket you wore to work and carried in your backpack home from work this past month. These are you rain jackets, zip up hoodies, bombers, and otherwise not-too-insulated-jackets. They are very easy to throw over the top of whatever outfit you’re wearing to protect your outfit from the elements or to enhance it altogether.


6. Beanie

Beanies fall into a very similar category as sweaters. The only rules are: no oversized beanies and no beanies with a bill. But everything else is on the table and a great way to show some personality. Have a loud, colorful sweater? Wear a close to the head knit beanie. Keeping it understated with the sweater choice? Let yourself have some fun with a pom-pom hat. Pull it down and keep your ears warm and enjoy the greatest fashion season.

There you have it! Go forth unto Fall with supreme fashion prowess. And, as always, Happy #MillenialFriday