Friendsgiving: Do's and Don't's

Lately, I’ve been writing about fall. The best things about this time of year, the events, the fashion, and now the (unofficial) holidays. I’m sure you’re all familiar with Friendsgiving, but for those that aren’t it is exactly what it sounds like: a Thanksgiving for you and your friends, the family you choose. Now, there is no set date for Friendsgiving. You pick a day one weekend a few weeks before you all go home to your actual families. It can be any day and will ultimately be inconvenient for one of your friends.  

Each person is assigned a food item to prepare for the group and everyone brings alcohol. Lots of alcohol, as is tradition. For some, Friendsgiving is a time to spend with the people who you’ve spent your life with in your new city before you go back to your family. For others, there is no trip home this year, so this is acting Thanksgiving. And for a few, their girlfriend/boyfriend dragged them here, and they will ruin your Instagram pics when your friend dumps them after the new year and you forget their name. It really does bring everyone together.

The other fascinating thing about Friendsgiving is year-to-year you get invited to new Friendsgivings. You have the one with your friends, which is the one you attend every year. The one with your significant other’s friends. Maybe this becomes tradition, maybe you are single after NYE. The one with that guy you barely know, but have been drinking with every weekend for months now, so you’re going to drink with his friends on their special day. My point is, there is no guarantee you get invited back to Friendsgiving and you very well may not want to be invited back. Follow these Do’s and Don’t’s to help you navigate another invitation or welcomed banishment.

Do: Participate

If they ask you to bring a dish, bring a dish. If they ask you to wear a fun, fall sweater, put the damn thing on. Play the card game they are playing or whatever it is this particular group of friends does for fun. Be polite and offer to help with the dishes, but when you’re told to go relax, go relax.

Don’t: Take Charge

This is a time for whoever is hosting to show they are a good host. They volunteered for this. Don’t overstep here. You are a welcomed guest. Assist where you can but no one likes someone who just comes in off the street and takes over.

Do: Relax, Have a Drink

The fall is a great drinking season. Full bodied stouts are back, whiskey is having a real moment. People make that weirdly delicious sangria with cinnamon sticks in it. Imbibe, indulge. You are among friends here. Enjoy it

Don’t: Blackout

Don’t get too drunk to eat dinner. I mean it’s the same rules as weddings people. Yet, somehow I gotta keep saying it. If your Friendsgiving is on a Saturday, I’m sure it will divulge into a night of drinking, that’s fine. Just get through dinner first.

Do: Watch Some Football

Football is great during Friendsgiving! Sit with everyone on the couch and enjoy the game. Football not your thing? Pretend to watch the game and scroll through Twitter on your phone.

Don’t: Stream Your Game on Your Phone

You ever see those people that just keep to themselves and watch videos on your phone? Way to seperate yourself from the group. You are watching the host of the dinner’s team play. That’s the rule. Don’t pull your team up on your phone. You can check for updates, but don’t sit in the corner and freak out over the games because you put too much money one them. You’re bumming us out.

Do: Socialize, Be Friendly

Introduce yourself. These are your friends’ friends. You have something in common with everyone at this party. How rare is that? Be friendly and fun. Keep conversation light and don’t be an asshole. Also, don’t shit talk the food, who does that?

Don’t: Keep to the Person Who Brought You

When you do this you look like a kid who is too shy to talk, hiding behind his mom. I’m sorry, you do. Talk with the people you’re sitting by. Throw something out there when you have the big table conversation. This is as equally bad as being weird-corner-football-gambling guy. Also if you come with someone, don’t hook up with someone else. I don’t know, I’ve seen that before and it makes everyone mad for a long time.

There you have it! This joy of this “holiday” is that you are only spending it with friends. These are your favorite people, the ones you choose to spend your free time with. Enjoy it. I wish all of you a Happy Friendsgiving and a Happy #MillenialFriday Also, Betsy, I messed up Friendsgiving four years ago, and I’m sorry.

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