That's Tight

w/ Emmett and Dan

I have some exciting news to announce officially here on #MillenialFriday. Some of you may have seen the few social media posts last week, but consider this the kick off… I started a podcast! Well, to be sure, my friend Dan Hall and I started a podcast, That’s Tight with Emmett and Dan.

I have spoken, ad nauseam, about myself on this blog and the things I like an am into. I wanted to take the time to introduce you to Dan. That way, when ALL of you inevitably become listeners you will be familiar with the guy on the other mic. Dan is a fellow stand up comedian/best friend who I met here in Boston. In addition to being a great stand up, Dan writes and stars in sketches in the group The South Shore Boyz, and plays drums (unbelievably well) in a band called Bad at Sex. Hailing from just south of Boston in Quincy, MA, you’ll know it’s Dan talking because 1. It’s not me and 2. He has the harshest Boston accent you’ve ever heard.

After many long car rides of incredibly easy, very funny conversation Dan and I decided to start recording them. We talk about our lives, our jobs, our friends, the things we are into, and check in on each other to see how the other is doing. (And very annoyingly laughing over what the other is saying) Dan is a guy from Boston who toured in bands in his early twenties. I’m a guy from the Midwest who went to a big state university in mine. We’ve lived very different lives up until this point and ended up in pretty similar circumstances. I teach Dan about everything he should have learned in college, and he teaches me about all the things I’m glad I didn’t already know.

That’s Tight is available at our Podbean page and will be available on Apple podcast in the coming days. Please listen. And if you like it, click like! Rate it, review it, leave comments. We would love to hear what you all think. Tell your friends! And if you work for a company that needs advertising, go ahead and send us gifts! We’ll shout you out! Probably would have done it anyway.

Listen to the pod and, as always, Happy #MillenialFriday