The Best Stuff About Fall

Fall is objectively the greatest season and now it is fully upon us. The heat has left and our favorite past times return to us again in full swing. You start your shorter days will crisp, autumn air, and end them with comfort foods. Fall moves at a slower pace. It is the season of nostalgia. The smallest gestures seem like things of memory once the leaves change. Join me in welcoming the greatest part of the year. I have made a list, in no particular order, the best things about fall. Enjoy.

1. Chili

2. Sweaters

3. You stop sweating all the time

4. Thanksgiving 

5. Tailgates

6. Football

7. Playoff Baseball

8. Baseball is over

9. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

10. Soup, conceptually 

11. Pumpkin shit

12. Darker, bolder beers

13. You don’t sweat as much when drinking bourbon 

14. That one day when you’re over dark,bold beers and go back to light beer

15. Staying home because that’s what you wanted to do, but blaming the weather 

16. Bean Boots

17. All other subsets of boots 

18. Macy’s Day Parade

19. Liking Instagram pics of everyone’s Turkey Trot from the comfort of your bed 

20. Red wine really having a moment again 

21. When girls wear beanies but have their long hair flowing out the sides of their hat 

22. Waking up Saturday morning and seeing your coat in your room and not still at the bar 

23. Layering 

24. Showing up to a party and the host made spiked apple cider “for everyone”

25. Bonfires

26. Homecoming

27. Little kids on Halloween that are dressed up like lions 

28. Your weekend with you family at Thanksgiving being enough suburbia for you to last a year

29. Hoodies

30. KJP’s instagram. It’s just better in the fall

31. When Halloween is on a weekday so society has to decide if we celebrate the weekend before or after

32. Hocus Pocus

33. Good TV shows are back 

Happy #MillenialFriday Celebrate Weekly. Celebrate Fall.

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